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Last month, we discussed how certain factors including low-cost bidding and lack of proper planning can severely impact your project progress. These factors, like a lack of contractor experience in executing the bid work, inadequate resources and more, all contribute to delays and cost overruns. Today, we’re taking the power of proactive planning one step further—we’re taking a […]


At B&W, we take our cleaning processes seriously, which is why earlier this year we announced that we’re adding system inspections to our list of pre-commissioning cleaning services. In other words, we never want you to wonder, “how ‘clean’ is clean?” In an effort to minimize job site hazards and keep track of customers’ progress, […]


What are the true effects of delay? Several answers come to mind immediately—cost overruns, scheduling complications, the list goes on. When projects get behind schedule, you’re bound to see these negative effects come into play. That said, many EPCs and owners overlook the impact that delay can have on their projects. You may have heard […]


As B&W Energy Services’ sphere of influence grows, our global expertise grows alongside it. Over the past few months, we’ve deployed teams to the Philippines to assist with two important power plant projects for the country: the Kauswagan and Masinloc Projects—we consider this a crucial and impressive point of pride as we continue to develop […]

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B&W Energy Services is ISO 9001:2015 certified global full service provider of pre-commissioning and pre-commissioning cleaning services. Through commitment, dedication, and unmatched service quality, B&W Energy Services has positioned itself as an industry leader providing services on the world's most complex projects. Our experience is not simply limited to the power energy sector. At B&W Energy Services our experience is vast, covering all energy sectors including oil and gas, petrochemical, power and renewable. Aqualazing, steam blowing, chemical cleaning, air blowing, oil flushing, project management and engineering.

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