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How B&W and kci Together Bring More

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Earlier this year B&W Energy Services and klean corp international (kci) announced the formation of a strategic partnership.  In addition to sharing the same critical values and core competencies, this alliance offers both companies increased opportunities to enhance the services we provide to both current and potential clients. If you are familiar with B&W, you […]


Part of our tagline is better people, but what exactly does that phrase mean for your project? The value of B&W’s service lies in our people. Our company is all about our people, and their ability to consistently provide excellent service. We have a standard of quality that we are committed to meeting, and our […]


Everyone interacts with many companies from different industries every single day. And, we all hear the same clichés over and over. Phrases like “global provider”, “industry pioneer”, “class leading performance”, and so on. Everyone wants to be known as the best. B&W Energy Services is no different. We use the clichés too. The language we […]


To find the best solutions for the pre-commissioning and commissioning of your plant or refinery, it is absolutely critical that you consider the unique requirements of your particular system. Many companies claim to provide “specifically designed” solutions. B&W Energy Services is the only commissioning company in the world specializing in chemical cleaning who provides truly […]


One of the byproducts of continually providing best-in-class project services is that you become more and more sought after for new projects. B&W Energy Services is the only company providing comprehensive engineering, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up and operational maintenance services in the industry. This turnkey approach combined with our global presence has secured our place as the […]

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B&W Energy Services is ISO 9001:2015 certified global full service provider of pre-commissioning and pre-commissioning cleaning services. Through commitment, dedication, and unmatched service quality, B&W Energy Services has positioned itself as an industry leader providing services on the world's most complex projects. Our experience is not simply limited to the power energy sector. At B&W Energy Services our experience is vast, covering all energy sectors including oil and gas, petrochemical, power and renewable. Aqualazing, steam blowing, chemical cleaning, air blowing, oil flushing, project management and engineering.

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