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Meet Our People – Greg Rascoe

B&W Energy Services



At B&W, our strength as a company comes from our focus on employees and the value of service we provide. We want to introduce to our Director of Business Development, Greg Rascoe. With a day-to-day focus on growth regionally and worldwide, Greg is continually raising standards and setting new goals for the industry.


As the year progresses and we continue to seek new opportunities, we wanted to take some time and inform our colleagues on two exciting wins for B&W Energy Services.  B&W Energy Services: Bahrain  B&W Energy Services is proud to announce that we have officially launched our Bahrain base of operations to further accommodate our increasing […]


At B&W Energy Services, we work together with a shared vision and values, established by the company founders, to provide commitment, dedication and unmatched service quality on every project.  Vision: Our vision for our company is straightforward: be the leading and most diversified provider of industrial services in the world.  Mission: At B&W, we are […]


In order to provide comprehensive pre-commissioning services to its customers, B&W performs Hydrostatic Testing services to verify the integrity of piping systems, vessels, boilers and HRSGs. A hydrostatic test is performed to ensure the structural integrity of the vessel or piping system is secure for testing and operation. The test involves filling the vessel or […]

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B&W Energy Services is ISO 9001:2015 certified global full service provider of pre-commissioning and pre-commissioning cleaning services. Through commitment, dedication, and unmatched service quality, B&W Energy Services has positioned itself as an industry leader providing services on the world's most complex projects. Our experience is not simply limited to the power energy sector. At B&W Energy Services our experience is vast, covering all energy sectors including oil and gas, petrochemical, power and renewable. Aqualazing, steam blowing, chemical cleaning, air blowing, oil flushing, project management and engineering.

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