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The Safety Component
of Engineering
The success and safety of B&W Energy Services’ work is demonstrated through the detailed planning that is built into every project, i.e. B&W’s engineering packages. When taking on a new project, B&W engineers [...]
We’re On Mother Nature’s Good Side, and So Are Our Clients
B&W Energy Services has been awarded several new projects in different locations around the world [...] READ MORE >>
B&W Energy Services Awarded Additional Services at Dyno Nobel Ammonia Plant
B&W Energy Services is proud to announce a new project at the Dyno Nobel ammonia plant in Waggaman [...] READ MORE >>
Turnkey Support Requires True Global Presence
B&W’s global presence is central to our ability to provide full turnkey support. We have the capacity to work at any project site, with the same level [...] READ MORE >>
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Omar Mandujano
In this feature of the B&W newsletter, you'll meet members of our world-class team. This month, get to know Omar Mandujano, Operations Manager. His role consists of staffing International and Domestic projects with adequate personnel and equipment in perfect conditions.
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