JUNE 2017
Big Savings to Your Bottom Line
It's something we probably should talk about more. We can't count all the times we've created major bottom line savings for our clients. From hundreds of thousands on small projects to millions on large ones, whether brought in from the start or brought in to save the day - B&W's engineering and pre-commissioning cleaning expertise makes the difference.
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B&W Energy Services Begins Work on Dow Chemical Gulf Stream Poly B Project
B&W Energy Services was recently awarded a contract on Dow Chemical's Gulf Stream Poly B Project in Plaquemine, LA. B&W is providing Aqualazing Services at the site, which includes a significant scope on multiple systems as part of this polyolefins project. This project award is B&W Energy Services' third contract with Dow Chemical. It serves as an extension of their first project with Dow Chemical in 2016 at an adjacent facility to this unit, and a second project at the Dow Chemical Deer Park facility earlier this year.

Project Snapshots - Martinsville, Indiana
B&W Energy Services was chosen by CB&I to perform engineered Steam Blow and AquaLazing Services at the Eagle Valley CCGT Project in Martinsville, Indiana. The facility, owned by Indiana Power & Light, retired the Eagle Valley Station in 2016 with plans to construct a 650 MW combined Cycle gas facility at the same site.

How Steam Blow Cleaning Services Have Evolved
All new thermal power plants, refineries or expansion projects require some kind of steam blow process to clean the system prior to startup and operation. Steam blows are necessary to protect the turbine or plant equipment from damage upon startup or during operation, which could cost plant owners millions of dollars in repairs and even more in unscheduled down time. The first steam blows were unbelievably noisy and unsafe, and in most cases even louder than a modern jet engine at full speed.

Why "Better People" Sets B&W apart
Part of our tagline is better people, but what exactly does that phrase mean for your project? The value of B&W's service lies in our people. Our company is all about our people, and their ability to consistently provide excellent service. We have a standard of quality that we are committed to meeting, and our team members are key in achieving this - we know that you can't achieve maximum project success without the best team members on the job.

Meet Our Team - Michael Krail
In this feature of the B&W newsletter, you'll meet members of our world-class team. This month, get to know Michael Krail, Engineering Manager at B&W Energy Services.
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