March 2018  
Real Impact:
Here’s an Example of An Actual Project
Over the past two months, we’ve given you two big areas that have real impact on your new construction or expansion projects. This month we give you an example of a situation involving pre-engineering, tight timelines and a system not ready for pre-commissioning cleaning. At B&W, we have faced a variety of nearly worst-case scenarios, which demonstrates how our expertise in pre-planning early in projects can really save the day. Click below to read about this particular project and how much money could have been saved.
  News: B&W Energy Services Aids in Award Winning Project
B&W Energy Services congratulates Exelon and the Wolf Hollow Combined Cycle Plant for being named the best Gas-Fired Project by POWER-Gen. The project was recognized for its highly efficient gas turbine , which allows the plant to remain online during times of high output. The turbine, capable of withstanding temperatures exceeding 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit, results in an increase in fuel efficiency and lowered maintenance [...]


  White Paper: Extending The Life Cycle Of Your Next Combined Cycle Power Prohect

Since the demand for power has accelerated within the last few years, The Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) has catapulted to the front lines. Due to the decrease in construction to operation durations, combined with lower operating costs and higher efficiencies, the number of combined cycle power projects have substantially [...]

  SnapShot: Kiewit - An Ongoing Successful Partnership Across the U.S.

The state-of-the-art Lackawanna Energy Center in Jessup, Pennsylvania will be a 1,480 megawatt combined cycle power plant when construction is complete. B&W is already engaged in the engineering work for the AquaLazing to be performed at Lackawanna, which will occur throughout next year as the plant is completed and commissioned.

  Blog: B&W Energy Services Mentoring Program Leads The Industry
B&W Energy Services’ stand-out Mentoring Program has successfully completed its second full year and has taken professional development at B&W to an entirely different level. Mentoring develops both mentors and mentees and provides them an opportunity to be better and more productive than either could be individually. We are very proud of what [...]


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