October 2018  
Why Investing in Project Expertise Saves Time,
Effort and Resources
At B&W Energy Services, we know there’s plenty to consider when you take on a new project. Between your budget, labor hours and deadlines, project execution can overwhelm even the most experienced planners.

When logistics pile up and your to-do list gets longer, the best way to remain in control of your project is to invest in expertise. As the industry’s most trusted pre-engineering and pre-commissioning cleaning provider, we have seen that expertise in the pre-commissioning process can be a deciding factor, determining whether a new construction or expansion project is executed according to plan.

One of our most recent partnerships is contributing to the Lackawanna Energy Center, owned by Invenergy and being constructed by Kiewit—our client for the project. The project consisted of 3 power units, each a 1x1 configuration with an Air-Cooled Condenser[...]
  Project Profile: B&W Enegry Services & Kuwait National
Petroleum Company

Today’s economy has put a considerable number of new turbines on the market that have considerably different sizing specs, creating an increased need for expertise when executing cleaning services. More than ever, these larger turbines require [...]

  Pres Release: B&W Furthers Relationship with klean corp international in Multi-state Project Effort

HOUSTON, TEXAS—Oct. 2, 2018—B&W Energy Services is proud to continue a strong relationship with klean corp international (kci) in the midfield area of several oil and gas processes from Carlsbad, NM to Eunice, LA. Over the past several years, kci has brought B&W to perform AquaLazing services on various midstream projects [...]


  SnapShot: Dominion Energy - Waterford, Connecticut

B&W Energy Services has been on call to provide pre-commissioning and cleaning services to Dominion Energy at their Millstone Nuclear Power Station in Waterford, CT as part of their fall outage. Millstone Nuclear Facility produces enough electricity to power [...]


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