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Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Project Knowledge | B&W Energy Services

Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Project Knowledge | B&W Energy Services

November 02, 2016 by Dennis Miller0

Describing the process we take to engineer a chemical clean, or detailing the ins and outs of oil flushing, can sometimes be a bit technical. Without getting too deep in the science, we’d like to share another aspect of B&W’s pre-commissioning and commissioning service that sets us apart: Project Knowledge.

I overheard something the other day that made me smile and shake my head. It was a young boy talking to his dad about regularly changing the oil in his car.

“I just don’t get why you would change it when you could put it off, not do all that work, and it would be just as clean once you got around to it.”

I thought to myself, “I wonder what that boy’s room looks like.” But it also made me think about why our job here at B&W Energy Services is so important. If that boy doesn’t maintain his machine, it will fail him, and be a lot more expensive than if he had just listened to experience.

The folks here at B&W have been in this business a long time and we know that the temptation to take shortcuts isn’t worth the loss of operating efficiency, the increase in operating costs, or the loss of profits. In our business, the only way to experience real success is to have better people, better equipment, and better engineering—that’s B&W Energy Services.

We’ve worked on the world’s most complex pre-commissioning and commissioning projects. We’ve taken the traditional models of industrial cleaning and transformed them to become the global leader of industrial cleaning services in the digital age. Whether it’s Aqualazing 1,500 feet of pipe in a single pass or engineering a particularly challenging steam blow halfway around the world, B&W is the only company that has the experience and the project knowledge necessary to guarantee a job done right before it even begins.

There’s a lot to be said about project knowledge. Our company has been—and continues to be—built on it. The lessons other companies are just now learning are ones we’ve already taught to the next generation of B&W engineers. Let us show you how a truly experienced team designs, engineers, and completes a job. Ask us how our equipment routinely outperforms everyone else. We’re happy to share our success, just give us a call.

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