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Building the Safest
Equipment Possible
B&W strives for safety on all fronts. Previously, we explained the importance of ensuring our people were the safest employees possible for a job. Having great workers only goes so far unless you ensure their success by providing excellent equipment to work with [...]
Pulse Flushing the Right Solution for Construction Debris
B&W Energy Services has been designing and professionally engineering multiple cleaning services [...] READ MORE >>
B&W Engineering Critical for Shell Prelude Project
B&W Energy Services continues to lead the way with a full range of services for new construction projects around the world [...] READ MORE >>
New Projects Around the World Awarded to B&W
B&W Energy Services has been awarded several new projects in different locations around the world. LEARN MORE >>
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Chris Oakley
In this feature of the B&W newsletter, you'll meet members of our world-class team. This month, get to know Chris Oakley, Director of Sales and Engineering. Chris leads and oversees the business development, sales and engineering functions for B&W's operations.
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