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B&W’s Commitment to Safety Unmatched In The Industry
Our clients choose B&W for industry leading performance, but they also count on us to be safe. And, we deliver. B&W has had zero lost work day incidents in our company's history.
AquaLazing in Remote & Difficult Locations
The jungles of Bolivia are unforgiving. Landlocked in the heart of South America, confined by the longest continental mountain range in the world [...] READ MORE >>
Chemical Cleaning for Supercritical Power Power Projects
While hard to imagine, supercritical broiler technology is almost 100 years old. Granted, it didn’t look anything like what it does today [...] READ MORE >>
B&W Begins Work On Exelon Power Plant Projects
B&W Energy Services today announced their partnership with Zachry on two Exelon Power Plant Projects: Exelon’s Colorado Bend [...] READ MORE >>
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Better Equipment = Better Results!
When we first started B&W, we knew there had to be a better way. So, we set out designing our own equipment to provide better performance. Learn how this gives you a competitive advantage in this month’s video.
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