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AquaLazing in Remote & Difficult Locations

AquaLazing in Remote & Difficult Locations

September 01, 2016 by Dennis Miller0

The jungles of Bolivia are unforgiving. Landlocked in the heart of South America, confined by the longest continental mountain range in the world and surrounded by tropical rainforests, pre-commissioning in remote central Bolivia leaves no room for amateurs.

We undertook this project knowing that our engineering capabilities surpass that of our competitors, allowing us to complete the job more efficiently and save valuable time for our client. On top of the 100 inches of annual rainfall, the terrain adds an additional level of difficulty by limiting the ability to ship in equipment. Thanks to B&W’s team of world-class engineers, we have an excellent solution for what other companies consider a problem.

Historically, the majority of the piping and equipment cleaning scope for a project like this would be cleaned via processes utilizing chemicals. Chemical cleaning requires a great deal of equipment, generates large amounts of waste effluent, and in a place like this can take upwards of two to three months to even begin the process (think about identifying equipment requirements for shipping, transit to the jobsite via ocean freight, being cleared through Bolivia’s very strict customs, etc.) That’s why we flipped the script. By increasing the scope that could be cleaned through AquaLazing and decreasing the scope of chemical cleaning, we are able to ensure the project is completed on time for start up.

You might be wondering, “How is that possible?” Broadly speaking, the answer is in our slogan: Better People, Better Equipment, Better Engineering. When our engineers developed our specialized AquaLazing equipment, they did so with proficiency and efficiency in mind. The reaction time alone for chemical cleaning would include 3-4 weeks for engineering and identifying project-specific equipment, plus another 4-5 weeks of shipping in three 40’ containers (and don’t even think about trying to find missing or damaged parts conveniently in this part of the world).

In comparison, AquaLazing requires the same equipment for every project. You need one 20’ container for the HP pump, hoses, rotating device, and nozzles. That’s it. B&W was able to airfreight the AquaLazing equipment to the job site in less than a week—bypassing shipping durations and land lock issues—and passed customs in another week or so. The result? AquaLazing was initiated within approximately two weeks from the time B&W was awarded the project. In short, AquaLazing requires less equipment and shorter set-up time while providing the same or better cleaning results.

Innovative thinking, preeminent engineering, and the finest equipment, that’s how we turn mission impossible into mission accomplished. No matter where you are in the world, B&W Energy Services can expedite your project while exceeding the industry standards for safety, service, and strategic execution.

When you want the best and nothing less, call the global leader in engineering, pre-commissioning, and commissioning services. Contact B&W today and see how we’re doing things our competitors didn’t think possible.

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