Overcoming Hurricane Harvey
The impact of Hurricane Harvey and its fury relegated our newsletter to a back burner task this past month. The record rainfall and historic flooding in South Texas was unlike anything we’ve ever seen. We know many have and are continuing to aid our region, and we are appreciative. For all our clients in South Texas and across the world, we are happy to report B&W escaped with minimal impact or disruption. We continue to execute projects globally and take part in the recovery here at projects along the Gulf Coast. Click below to read more about how we’re overcoming Hurricane Harvey.
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B&W Energy Services Leads the Way in Pre-Commissioning Cleaning Innovations
There are many reasons a company can grow. Customer satisfaction can play a major role in a company’s success. Making safety the top priority for its employees and clients is another. To become a leader in your industry, you must continue to research, develop and seek new processes that save time and cut costs for everyone.

B&W Earns First Project with Gemma Power Systems
B&W Energy Services is proud to announce the initiation of services for four projects with EPC contractor GEMMA Power Systems. This is B&W’s first work with Gemma, which is due to their desire to employ the highest quality services for its facilities. Having completed a number of domestic power projects, Gemma sought to build on its experience by improving the pre-commissioning cleaning phase of future projects. This marked the beginning of the working relationship between Gemma and B&W.

AquaLazing: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
When done right, AquaLazing can effectively clean piping systems of mill-scale, construction debris, and process deposits. In addition to piping systems, AquaLazing can be used to clean other critical plant components which can become contaminated with water or process deposits.


Meet Our Team - Matt Gossman
In this feature of the B&W newsletter, you'll meet members of our world-class team. This month, get to know Matt Gossman, Project Engineer at B&W Energy Services.
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