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B&W Leads the Way in Pre-Commissioning Cleaning Innovations

B&W Leads the Way in Pre-Commissioning Cleaning Innovations

August 14, 2017 by Dennis Miller0

There are many reasons a company can grow. Customer satisfaction can play a major role in a company’s success. Making safety the top priority for its employees and clients is another. To become a leader in your industry, you must continue to research, develop and seek new processes that save time and cut costs for everyone. This requires innovation—the kind of innovation that B&W Energy Services has developed, and continues to seek, for the benefit of our customers. If a company does not evolve, another company will. To stay ahead of the pack you must create value.

Below are just a few of the innovations B&W Energy Services has brought to the pre-commissioning cleaning industry that have been widely accepted for its project savings around the world.

Piping Systems Chemical Cleaning Alternative
In the past, long piping systems required chemical cleaning processes per the specifications posed due to their operational applications. This often translated into many setups and relocations. It required the handling and storage of chemical waste throughout the project. What if you could eliminate some of these costs? Now we can. Since B&W Energy Services has introduced our AquaLazing high-pressure, internal pipe cleaning services, many new applications for this service have evolved. For example, large bore compressor suction piping. This piping typically required some kind of chemical cleaning involving extensive setup and poor circulation capabilities, not to mention the waste handling, storage and disposal. AquaLazing all but eliminated these potential issues and provided major schedule reduction and substantial cost savings.

Power Plant Chemical Cleaning Alternative
Some new power plants require a full chemical cleaning of the boiler and steam piping. This involved a massive chemical cleaning setup and made it necessary to pass thru the superheat sections to incorporate the steam piping. This invariably led to hazardous chemical waste issues due to the exotic metals used in superheat piping systems. B&W Energy Services started thinking outside the box — we used our high-pressure AquaLazing internal pipe cleaning services to clean the steam piping prior to performing steam blows. This allowed for a reduced chemical cleaning scope and the elimination of potential hazardous chemical waste altogether. The savings were noticed on many fronts. The elimination of extensive piping for the chemical cleaning setup reduced steam blow durations by AquaLazing the steam piping prior to steam blows, and demineralized water and fuel charges dropped substantially. The steam blow cleaned the superheat sections very quickly without the risk of introducing potentially harmful chemicals into these sections. The substantial project cost savings were well received and have become an excellent alternative to this old process.

Steam Blow Noise Reduction
There have been many steam blow challenges due to project locations and real estate to perform the service. Typical steam blow setups require a certain length of temporary piping to allow for quenching or cooling the steam, and to start the deceleration process to help with acceptable noise reduction at the exhaust point. Some setups just didn’t have enough room. B&W Energy Services started the engineering process to incorporate dry silencers which could eliminate the quenching or cooling requirements for noise reduction. This new application was again well received on many new projects.

Strategic Alliance With Klean Corp. International
B&W Energy Services has been approached in the past for a low-cost, simple degreasing process for boiler cleanings that don’t require a full degrease/acid cleaning requirement. In our research, we were able to create an alliance for this service by working together with Klean Corp. International, who offers a proprietary low-temperature, non-hazardous degreasing chemistry that not only saves on waste disposal, but also reduces the actual chemical cleaning setup footprint by eliminating an outside heat source. This has proved to provide substantial project cost savings that is passed onto the customer.

Our alliance has allowed B&W Energy Services to add to our arsenal of pre-commissioning cleaning processes, which again, helps our customers by only having to locate one contractor for all of their cleaning requirements. B&W Energy Services, through innovative thinking and strategic alliances, will continue to seek cost effective and time saving approaches for our clients and increase our service line through these strategic alliances. B&W Energy Services commitment to innovation is why we remain as the leader in industrial pre-commissioning cleaning industry, now and into the future.

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