February 2018  
Real Impact:
How Global Presence Makes a Difference
New construction and plant expansion projects are underway around the world. Whether you’re in the Middle East, Far East, Africa, South America, the United States or in the ocean off Australia — the reality is that oil & petrochemical facilities are being built everywhere. That means the need for best-in-class pre-commissioning cleaning is just as global. How capable is your pre-commissioning cleaning partner of quickly and effectively meeting your needs no matter where in the world your project is? Time and money are lost every day the plant isn’t producing. Click below to read about the real impact a global pre-commissioning partner can make.
  News: B&W Energy Services Serves KBR Peony Project
B&W Energy Services has completed pre-commissioning services on Project Peony, an ammonia plant located in Freeport, Texas. B&W Energy Services worked with KBR on the project to serve Yara International and BASF Group. The ammonia production of the plant will have a capacity of 750,000 metric tons per year, and intends to use hydrogen as feedstock. With KBR licensing their ammonia synthesis [...]


  White Paper: Full Service Pre-Commissioning Cleaning, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?
Whether you're launching a new refinery project, an expansion project, a power project, or any other large-scale industrial project, advanced pre-planning serves an essential role in predicting the ventures' ultimate success. Each project will have a specific set of pre-commissioning requirements, which means you need to assemble a team of experts that can cover the many facets involved.

  News: B&W Aids in the Pre-commissioning of Emission Free Power Plant
B&W Energy Services assisted the pre-commissioning of the innovative NET Power clean energy plant in LaPorte, Texas. This project, in collaboration with CB&I, creates a unique process that introduces an eco-friendly approach to power plants. NET Power, a thermal demonstration power plant, supports an innovative natural gas power system producing virtually zero emissions into the atmosphere. CB&I brought B&W Energy Services onboard to [...]


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