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Real Impact: How Global Presence Makes a Difference

Real Impact: How Global Presence Makes a Difference

February 16, 2018 by Dennis Miller0

New construction and plant expansion projects are underway around the world. Whether you’re in the Middle East, Far East, Africa, South America, the United States or in the ocean off Australia — the reality is that oil & petrochemical facilities are being built everywhere. That means the need for best-in-class pre-commissioning cleaning is just as global.

Having a provider of pre-engineering and pre-commissioning cleaning with personnel and equipment in strategic locations around the world is a real advantage. What makes it real is when you see the benefits of it in action. Let’s look at a few situations where having a provider with a global presence makes all the difference.

Rapid Mobilization Anywhere in the World

We all know in oil and petrochemical construction that time is money, and we’re talking about billions of dollars. Everyday  a new facility or expansion is delayed, production and money are lost. For that reason alone, having a pre-commissioning partner who can mobilize rapidly matters a great deal. Getting on site and underway quickly means completion of work sooner.

And, sometimes, for a variety of reasons, projects require rapid mobilization of people and equipment in order to be successful. Those situations are not the time to find out your provider isn’t capable of meeting your needs. For example, we have seen instances where a project was promised rapid mobilization only to get a call saying the equipment would be significantly delayed. Having the right people and best equipment in strategic locations around the world separates B&W from others in the industry.

Remote Project Locations

Another situation where global presence makes a difference is when the location of a project is very remote and/or difficult to get to. If your provider is going to have to spend days to weeks just to get the equipment near the project location before dealing with the local geography or transportation challenges, you’re losing time and money. The sooner equipment gets to the locale, the sooner your provider can navigate the challenges of reaching a remote project. It’s worth noting that working with a provider who has already streamlined the transporting of equipment through modular, skid mounted designs for ease of shipping and installation expedites your timeline as well.

Coming Into a Crisis Situation

No one ever intends for a project to go sideways. But, the reality is sometimes it happens. Whatever the reason, there are times when an owner or EPC needs serious help, and they are looking for a provider to come in immediately. Maybe the system was not designed with pre-commissioning cleaning in mind or the original provider was unable to complete the cleaning. Or, in the most extreme cases, there was an accident or damage to the piping due to improper design or engineering by the provider. Any of these situations can result in the need for a trusted provider to be brought in who can get the project back on track quickly. This is when having strategic locations with equipment and personnel available across the globe can really save the day.

Depending on the size of the project, a day of lost production may equal millions of dollars. Choosing a pre-commissioning provider with a true network of resources strategically placed worldwide makes a real impact.

We encourage you to check out our About Us page on our website to see where B&W has offices, people and equipment ready to mobilize. From the Far East to India to the Middle East to North America, B&W Energy Services is ready to roll.

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