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APRIL 2015
B&W Energy Services
The Equipment Used
Makes a Big Difference!
B&W Energy Services has been designing and building its own custom equipment for use in industrial cleaning, pre-commissioning and commissioning for nearly 15 years. This is why we are known for the highest level of performance worldwide.
B&W Energy Services Awarded First Contract with LyondellBasell
B&W Energy Services has been awarded a contract by LyondellBasell to provide pre-commissioning services [...] READ MORE >>
B&W Energy Services Awarded Four Contracts During Early 2015
B&W Energy Services has been awarded four new projects this month, the NCRA McPherson Refinery [...] READ MORE >>
Better Equipment Saves Money and Time
When our team first started B&W, we recognized the need for improvements in the equipment used to conduct pre-commissioning [...] READ MORE >>
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Better Equipment
= Better Results!
When we first started B&W, we knew there had to be a better way. So, we set out designing our own equipment to provide better performance. Learn how this gives you a competitive advantage in this month’s video.
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