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B&W Energy Services Awarded Four Contracts During Early 2015

HOUSTON, Texas-March 23, 2015—B&W Energy Services has been awarded four new projects this month, the NCRA McPherson Refinery expansion, the Flint Hills Resources Utilities Project, S&B Engineers and Constructors CP Chemical Cedar Bayou Plant, and Equistar Channelview Expansion Project.

“These projects are important wins for B&W and have contributed to our strong momentum in 2015.” said B&W Sales Director Chris Oakley, “we are excited to be able to support these important projects in our own backyard and continue building upon B&W’s extensive resume.”

At the NCRA McPherson Refinery in Kansas, B&W is contracted to provide AquaLazing services as a part of the refinery’s expansion and hydrogen unit addition. B&W will begin executing the AquaLazing services in April.

Flint Hills Resources contracted B&W to provide Steam Blow services after expanding its existing Utilities systems at the Houston based PDH plant. This contract, awarded in late February, required a rapid response by B&W and has already reached successful completion.

S&B Engineers and Constructors contracted B&W to provide engineering and chemical cleaning services at the CP Chemical Cedar Bayou Plant in Baytown, Texas. This contract is apart of the Normal Alpha Olefin (NAO) Expansion Project, aimed at increasing capacity by 20%. This contract was awarded in late January, with the first scope completed this week.

The fourth and most notable project award this month includes the LyondellBasell owned Equistar Channelview facility expansion near Houston. The Channelview project is one of three major ethylene expansion projects that LyondellBasell has initiated over the past two years. B&W is contracted to KBR, a major EPC company, to provide chemical cleaning and steam blow services during the commissioning of two large new cracking furnaces being installed. The detailed engineering is currently underway and B&W will begin field execution of these services in April.

To learn more about B&W’s project awards or to seek information about our services, or to seek information about our services, please contact Shelby Pipken at 215.215.6258 or [email protected].


About B&W Energy Services
B&W Energy Services is an ISO 9001:2008 certified global full-service provider of pre-commissioning and pre-commissioning cleaning services. Through commitment, dedication and unmatched service quality, B&W Energy Services has positioned itself as the industry leader providing services in the world’s most complex projects. Their experience is not limited to the Power Energy Sector—B&W Energy Services’ experience is vast, covering all Energy Sectors including Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Renewable.

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B&W is an ISO9001:2015 company, which highlights our commitment to quality. Through commitment, dedication, and unmatched service quality, B&W Energy Services has positioned itself as an industry leader providing services on the world's most complex projects. Our experience is not simply limited to the power energy sector. At B&W Energy Services our experience is vast, covering all energy sectors including oil and gas, petrochemical, power and renewable. Aqualazing, hydrotesting, inspection services, pulse flushing, steam blowing, chemical cleaning, air blowing, oil flushing, project management and engineering.

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