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Better Equipment Saves Money and Time

Better Equipment Saves Money and Time

April 08, 2015 by Chris Oakley0

When our team first started B&W, we recognized the need for improvements in the equipment used to conduct pre-commissioning cleaning of new plants.  Working in a construction setting required a unique set of equipment: it had to be mobile and it had to be easy to assemble. Up until that point, the industry solutions were piecemeal. When teams set up for a cleaning job, whether it was chemical cleaning or oil flushing, they had to put together equipment with many different components before work could start. It was costing our customers a lot of time and a lot of money. So, we stepped back and asked ourselves: “How can we solve this problem?” 

The answer? Designing our own equipment. We knew there was a better way and set out to develop specialty equipment that would provide a higher level of performance for pre-commissioning cleaning services. We created unique skids that were all-inclusive, minimizing the amount of time it took to rig up and move between cleaning iterations. They could easily be shipped anywhere in the world to support our clients’ projects.. . We’ve done our very best to apply this technology to our engineering designs on projects all over the world. B&W is able to offer customers exclusive equipment designed by its in-house engineering group, based on input from the field, and refined from our years of experience. We know what works because we have our boots on the ground. We’ve done the world’s largest and most complex projects, and we’ve equipped them with our own specialized equipment from our expansive global inventory. No one else can offer this amount of equipment or expertise—not just here, but anywhere in the world.

B&W also provides a competitive advantage due to our strategic, global presence. Our locations in the United States, Canada, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Brazil allow us to mobilize equipment to projects in less time at lower cost. Perhaps most importantly, we are continually trying to improve. We research and invest in new technology to make sure that we have the best equipment that provides the most flexibility for our customers. We recognize that we have to be constantly changing, adapting and improving. We’re on a constant quest to do things better. 

Let’s get started talking about your project and the equipment B&W can mobilize so you can see the difference. Just give us a call at 281.534.9300. We’re ready to help you.

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