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AquaLazing as a Global Resource

AquaLazing as a Global Resource

December 11, 2018 by Joel Babin0

From any corner of the globe, B&W Energy Services consistently provides expert pre-commissioning resources to our clients. Whether across continents or in our own backyard, we know that our unique services bring value and individually benefit each project. When it comes to creating worldwide impact, we pride ourselves on offering unique services that clients near or far can depend on.

Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to share our AquaLazing technology with a new client in the Philippines. We are performing AquaLazing services on the Masinloc Thermal Power Plant Expansion Project for Ventanas Philippines Construction Inc., a subsidiary of South Korean EPC Posco Engineering and Construction, the parent company of Daewoo. Our team was called in to demonstrate the schedule savings capabilities of the Aqualaze service. This is a critical mission for the project, which is behind schedule to achieve its operational start date.

The plant is performing exhaustive pressure and release-type blows on the plant. While Posco Engineering & Construction typically performs pre-commissioning services on their own, they’ve contracted B&W for AquaLazing. This was a successful opportunity for B&W to not only demonstrate its leading edge cleaning technologies and techniques but also to demonstrate its responsiveness to meet schedule deadlines on a project half a world away in less than 4 weeks with no prior notice.

Even for clients continents away, like Masinloc, AquaLazing is a solution that fast-tracks the pre-commissioning cleaning process and more than pays for itself. We consistently recommend our AquaLazing program as a resource because of the direct benefits and cost savings it will inevitably bring. AquaLazing, along with our dry silencing steam blow technologies and modular equipment skid systems, are the essence of B&W’s commitment to fewer resources in less time to achieve operational readiness.

At B&W Energy Services, we don’t cut corners to provide unique, accessible resources for our partners. Not only will employing our services cut down their cost—they also benefit from a reduced cleaning startup time.

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