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Steam Blowing

Professionally Engineered Steam Blow Services

The B&W Energy Services founders and engineering team pioneered the development and advancement of professionally engineered and executed steam blow services. Today that tradition continues with our ongoing commitment to continually improving our processes and equipment by introducing our Dry Silencer technology. Dry Silencers allows B&W Energy Services to safely and effectively vent exhausting steam during a steam blow without the need or requirement for attemperation (quench) water to desuperheat.

Dry Silencers are designed to vent up to 900 KPPH of steam while maintaining a 85dB noise rating or less at 50 ft. from the discharging steam. Other benefits include eliminating or greatly reducing hot water discharge associated with traditional silencers, eliminating fall-out of moisture experience when quenching a traditional steam blow, and reduced equipment requirements and associated construction costs.

B&W Energy Services engineering team has a diverse background and experience working on complex steam blow projects in multiple Energy Sectors. Our experience is not limited to only the Power Industry. B&W Energy Services recently completed a large refinery steam blow program Peru.

Complex projects require a special contractor with the experience and expertise to help our clients achieve success. At B&W Energy Services, we have a solid track record and resume validating our experience and expertise working on some of the worlds most complex projects.

B&W Energy Services can engineer and perform several different types of steam blow methods depending on our clients needs. System piping is modeled and analyzed for proper velocities, pressures, and disturbance factors. Modeling the system leads to verifiable results and compliance with all client and OEM specifications.

B&W Steam Blowing Services

B&W Energy Services has invested a tremendous amount of time and capital in designing our steam blow equipment to ensure we offer the most effective and safest equipment available to our clients. A strong inventory of equipment is readily available worldwide to serve both small scale and large scale projects.

Low Pressure Continuous Blowing

High Pressure Exhaustive Blowing

Hybrid Blowing

  • Steady state conditions
  • Shortest overall blow duration
  • Constant Disturbance Factor (DF/CFR)
  • Low reaction forces
  • Minimal support/restraint requirements
  • Cyclical depressurization of system
  • Longest overall blow duration
  • Intermittent Disturbance Factor (DF/CFR)
  • High reaction forces
  • Maximum support/restraint requirements
  • Mix of steady state and cyclical conditions
  • Mid to longest overall blow duration
  • Intermittent Disturbance Factor (DF/CFR)
  • Low to High reaction forces
  • Maximum support/restraint requirements

Some Key Benefits Of B&W’s Steam Blowing Service Includes :

All temporary pipe spools fabricated to ASME standards

Zero discharge water recycling capability

Pneumatic high strength target inserts with 20 length targeting standard

Dry Silencer Technology

Three sizes of traditional silencers for greater flexibility on large projects

Robust quick opening steam blow valves

Designed to fit custom spool fabrication

100% Flow modeling and analysis of plant system

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B&W is an ISO9001:2015 company, which highlights our commitment to quality. Through commitment, dedication, and unmatched service quality, B&W Energy Services has positioned itself as an industry leader providing services on the world's most complex projects. Our experience is not simply limited to the power energy sector. At B&W Energy Services our experience is vast, covering all energy sectors including oil and gas, petrochemical, power and renewable. Aqualazing, hydrotesting, inspection services, pulse flushing, steam blowing, chemical cleaning, air blowing, oil flushing, project management and engineering.

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