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AquaLazing: Better Results at a Fraction of the Price

AquaLazing: Better Results at a Fraction of the Price

September 28, 2021 by B&W Energy Services0

At B&W Energy Services, we understand our customers’ need for cost efficiency without sacrificing quality. That’s why we developed AquaLazing, a pre-commissioning cleaning service for piping and other critical plant components. AquaLazing brings safer, more effective and faster results than the alternatives, which can help you stay on-schedule and save millions of dollars in cleaning costs alone.

Only available through B&W Energy Services, our proprietary AquaLazing service eliminates the need for chemicals that can be harmful to employees and the environment, not to mention, costly to dispose of. AquaLazing is an advanced and highly-pressurized water-jetting process that cleans piping systems of mill-scale, construction debris and process deposits.

In addition, AquaLazing can be used to clean other critical plant components that have become contaminated with water or process deposits. Rotating, highly-pressurized water is advanced through the pipe or plant component at calculated speeds to ensure even cleaning throughout.

Safety first:

At B&W Energy Services, we use an industry-first, wireless remote to control the AquaLazing process, which we can stop remotely from up to 500-feet. In addition, anti-withdrawal devices are installed on system entry points, keeping our crew and yours safe at all times.

AquaLazing can be used as a primary method for cleaning or in conjunction with other pre-commissioning cleaning services, such as steam blowing or air blowing, drastically reducing set-up and overall cleaning times and their associated costs.

Using AquaLazing cuts steam blow times by as much as 75%, which makes steam blowing faster. We ensure that the work is properly planned and all hazards are identified through a dedicated focus on detailed engineering. We then communicate with anyone working on the area to diminish the opportunity for interaction with the hazards. Aqualazing supervisors and technicians are highly trained in this service which includes direct training by the original developer.

By the numbers:

On average, a typical 2-over-1 HRSG project can take an estimated 300-400 hours of runtime per gas turbine, to complete steam blows with no prior preparations. Additionally, it will use up to 30 million gallons of de-mineralized water for steam blowing and natural gas to run the turbines for the same duration. It also cuts down on additional manpower costs that are usually needed. In all, the total time spent on steam blows typically lasts 12-15 days, which is very time consuming and puts prolonged strain on the turbines.

On the other hand, a 2-over-1 HRSG project that implements the AquaLazing internal pipe cleaning process, prior to steam blowing, can produce the following:

  •   Approximate runtime of 90 hours per gas turbine used on the warranty (75% less)
  •   Reduced de-mineralized water usage. Approximately 6 million gallons used (80% less)
  •   Significantly less natural gas used for steam blowing (50% less)
  •   Total time spent on steam blows after AquaLazing: Approximately 7 days

As the world’s exclusive provider of AquaLazing services, we are highly experienced and fully confident in the benefits of AquaLazing. We invite you to discover the AquaLazing difference for all your pre-commissioning cleaning needs. Connect with us at [email protected] or 281-534-9300.

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