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AquaLazing – We’re Going the Distance

AquaLazing – We’re Going the Distance

August 22, 2016 by Chris Oakley0

Always on our toes, never on our heels. B&W Energy Services continues to extend the limits of what is possible with the latest innovations in engineering and industrial cleaning technology. In our position as leader of the industry, we occasionally hear from our clients about the limitations of our competitors and there is always a sense of pride in knowing that we can do what no other company can. It’s the pride that comes with being the best, and we’ll never settle for less.

Our most recent example of besting the rest comes from the Invista Victoria project in Victoria, Texas. While most companies can barely clean 300 linear feet of pipe, B&W just AquaLazed 1,400 linear feet of pipe in a single pass. What does that mean for our clients? Substantially Reduced Cost. Greater Return on Investment. Increased Profits.

Moving from one access point to another takes time, and time is money. Additionally, in a system where there are no access points, such as flanges or valves, the system may have to be modified in order to be cleaned. Access points may need to be created, which involves cutting into the piping, delays and potentially, quality concerns—all of which present increased costs. AquaLazing at a longer distance, such as 1,400 linear feet, provides a sizable advantage for B&W clients.

That’s what it’s all about—significantly improving our clients’ bottom line, quickly, safely, and with unmatched professionalism. When the Invista Victoria project needed to clean a 10-inch waste water line with eight 90-degree turns, we didn’t bat an eye. KBR needed a 14-inch pipe with fifteen 90-degree turns cleaned. Our response? It’s our pleasure.

Our AquaLazing process is accomplished by controlled rotation of a specially designed high-pressure nozzle, which is advanced through the piping at calculated speeds to ensure even cleaning of the entire system. B&W Energy Services can easily clean installed pipe systems ranging in diameters from 2” to 120”, and traverse multiple directional changes within a single piping system. Our ability to outperform all the rest comes from years of experience, innovative thinking, and the absolute best people, equipment, and engineering in the world.

Find out why our clients turn to the world leader in industrial cleaning, engineering, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and mechanical support. Call or email us and we’ll customize solutions for your specific needs. Join the ranks of the best in class and team with B&W Energy Services today.

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