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Ultrahigh Jetting to Safety: AquaLazing Prepares Projects for Success

Ultrahigh Jetting to Safety: AquaLazing Prepares Projects for Success

April 30, 2015 by Jason Brupbacher0

Todays fast track projects mean trying new innovative pipe cleaning processes that can shave time and money off of the projects cleaning window. Iron oxide and debris often accumulate during plant milling and construction, posing a serious threat to a plant’s start-up and safety. Complex and varied piping systems present a challenge for eliminating this build-up, making precision cleaning critical to pre-commissioning. To combat this issue, B&W Energy Services put together a cleaning program based on the best most powerful Aqualazing equipment on the market today with built in safety features to insure the maximum achievable cleanliness while minimizing waste disposal and to help reduce project costs

AquaLazing is an advanced cleaning process that utilizes high-pressure water jetting to clean even the most complex piping systems. Whether removing debris or process deposits, AquaLazing effectively cleans even the most challenging and detailed plant components.

How it works

AquaLazing involves a powerful diesel pump operating at up to15,000 psi, enclosed in a 78db noise-suppressing container, ensuring that plant engineers can work with minimal noise disruption.

The process begins with the diesel pump energizing the ultrahigh pressure jetting pump supplying water through a rotating hose device and customized nozzle. The device advances gradually at calculated, controlled speeds,  guaranteeing the entire piping internal surfaces are cleaned, regardless of pipe diameter or direction change. The blast of the nozzle expels every internal foreign substance, from construction debris to toxic chemical residue.

B&W takes every precaution to safeguard the plant crew, including implementing technology to regulate the process. With our industry-first, wireless remote controller, we can control the AquaLazing pump from up to 500 feet away. We also include an anti-withdrawal device installed on each system entry point to keep the plant crew safe.

B&W also creates custom solutions for your project’s standards and accounts for evolving environmental regulations. We offer additional services specially tailored to plants requiring special environmental accommodations. For example, for areas with limited water availability, we utilize alternative filtration systems to recycle the water and feed the AquaLazing pump again, guaranteeing high quality water is reused instead of discarded.

Internal pipe cleaning is vital to the success and safety of your project, and choosing a team of industry experts is critical. The B&W AquaLazing team boasts over 70 years of collective experience, focusing on delivering solutions perfectly tailored to your project. As industry leaders, we set standards high by engineering services that ensure quality, safety and reliability throughout each phase of your plant engineering.


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