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Better Results with B&W Energy Services

Better Results with B&W Energy Services

February 01, 2019 by Chris Oakley0

Conventional wisdom says when faced with a choice between fast, good and low-cost, you can only pick two. If you choose fast and good, you’re asking for a significant price tag. If you choose good and low-cost, the project will take longer to complete. And finally, if you choose fast and low-cost, you sacrifice quality.

This principle is called the quality triangle, and the reality of this formula impacts nearly every sector of our industry. With this in mind, B&W has re-engineered the formula to maximize value without sacrificing on timeline or quality.  

Fewer Resources + Less Time = Maximum Efficiency

B&W Energy Services works to maximize value to our customers by recognizing that it’s not just the direct costs of pre-commissioning services that matter, but the indirect costs our clients incur related to the consumption of project resources: Water, fuel, power and people.

We address these indirect costs with our equipment. Unmatched in the industry, our superior engineering sets us apart. Designed to be modular for optimal efficiency, we save time during equipment mobilization, setup and cleaning execution. In addition to modularization, our Aqualazing and dry silencer technologies minimizes direct resource consumption. These technologies work together to give us definitive estimates of water and fuel usage to achieve the OEM’s specified cleaning criteria.

Fewer resources used onsite plus increased quality in a shorter time frame all add up to maximum value for our pre-commissioning cleaning services.

Better People, Better Equipment, Better Planning = Better Results

Not only does B&W use the best equipment in the industry, but we also employ the best people who are selectively hired and mentored to achieve superior results. We train our technicians and one-of-a-kind engineering department in industry best practices, all developed from years of combined experience working on jobs across the globe. Our staff of engineers take serious ownership in designing and planning our clients’ cleaning applications. At our offices and in the field, we are constantly mentoring and training our people from entry level all the way to project managers and engineers. When better people work with better equipment and the superior planning, we’re able to ensure that our clients see the best results.

Sure, everyone else in the industry will tell you that when it comes to fast, good and low-cost, you can only pick two. But when you choose B&W Energy Services as your pre-commissioning partner, you choose the ability to have the benefits of all three.

To learn more about how B&W can maximize results on your next project, get in touch with our team today.

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