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Budget or partnership: What really impacts your bottom line?

Budget or partnership: What really impacts your bottom line?

August 21, 2019 by Chris Oakley0

The B&W Energy Services team works tirelessly for our customers–from initial planning to execution. When agreeing to start work on a project, we begin with the end in mind. Sometimes, we are called in as the second option because we may not have been the upfront lowest bidder in the RFQ phase. Using our QMS based on our ISO 9001:2015 certification, we employ an engineer and design team to draft our method statements and prepared detailed planning, and while it may seem more expensive in the short run, it’s crucial to saving schedule and money in the long run. Underestimating the true value of engineering delivered by experts who engineer these services on a daily basis is the number one factor in pre-commissioning issues that lead to re-work and schedule overruns. When comparing apples, one would want to make sure that everyone is offering the same thing.   

Our staff is currently on a rescue mission to perform chemical cleaning in Texas, collaborating with a client holding a long-standing background with B&W, scored with hard work and partner-first dynamics. The project, a large expansion on one of the client’s expansive petrochemicals facilities, allows B&W to work directly in their new HDPE Unit (high-density polyethylene).

While the customer initially awarded the work to the bidder with a lower proposal price, the first prospective contractor failed to show up on time and could not handle the full scope of the project. The customer made a decision based on initial cost, without understanding the implications for the future. With one month to completion, the customer called in B&W for a joint effort with KCI, a time-honored partner, to rectify the situation.

This example joins the ranks of other “rescue” projects, where B&W joins to save an otherwise doomed scope and brings it to startup with incomparable success. B&W has recommendations and is currently working with some of our largest clients to review lessons learned and recommend paths forward to eliminate this recurring scenario from future projects. As we say in the field, stop stepping over dollars to pick up pennies.  

By trusting B&W’s qualified staff, our personnel walk alongside you from concept and planning all the way through startup. But that’s not all–when you choose B&W, you begin a long-lasting relationship. We’ll see your project through and continually ensure success as one of our industry partners.

For more information on our large-scale petrochemical alliance with KCI or to learn more about B&W’s ability to come alongside you as your industry partner, contact us today.

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