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B&W Energy Services Project Inspection Services:

B&W Energy Services Project Inspection Services:

December 07, 2022 by B&W Energy Services0

B&W Energy Services has been in the business for decades, and we’ve seen some unusual things that add to our knowledge base. It’s no secret that the construction process on new facilities often leaves behind debris in piping systems that can cause catastrophic damage to equipment if not removed prior to startup. We have found hardhats, wrenches, grinders and scaffold legs left inside piping. Some of the most common items we’ve found are heavy pipe wall cutouts left behind from adding instrumentation for process or steam lines. We’ve even found two-by-fours wedged inside piping systems long enough that they could not traverse elbows for removal! 

When these items are too long or too heavy to be removed by conventional cleaning methods, alternate methods have to be chosen. This is why B&W began offering inspection services to aid in identifying potential hazards that would have otherwise gone undetected.

Our engineered Aqualazing service, a system of high-pressure jets designed to internally clean piping systems, uses our borescope video tool in conjunction with our cleaning regiment on many projects with great success. How do our clients benefit from our borescope services? By allowing our teams to review the current condition of their systems prior to cleaning, we verify what needs to be cleaned and can validate the results once cleaning is accomplished. 

Our inspection services also catch excessive corrosion in heat exchangers or steam generation equipment that have gone unpreserved after manufacturing, which would make the industry-standard chemical cleaning processes ineffective. In these cases, chemistry requirements need to be adjusted to treat heavily corroded equipment effectively. Piping and equipment that have been in operation can also benefit from this service by identifying the substance or debris that may need to be removed, allowing us to design an appropriate cleaning method for it. Having this critical data prior to starting work allows our team to make arrangements in advance and avoid delays due to supply chain lead times.

When you choose to plan ahead for your project, you’re preventing problems down the line. Inspecting your equipment now means you stay on schedule, saving both time and money. If you want the best results when completing your project, then B&W is the inspection partner for you. Allow our dedicated team to personalize our services for your company, guiding you smoothly through the pre-commissioning and commissioning process. Give us a call today to get started.

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