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B&W Gains Momentum Amid Trying Times

B&W Gains Momentum Amid Trying Times

August 25, 2021 by B&W Energy Services2

It’s been a challenging year and a half. From the tragedy of COVID-19 to domestic unrest and world events, it doesn’t seem like there’s much that hasn’t been thrown at all of us. The oil & gas industry has gone through trying times as well, and our team at B&W Energy Services has been working hard to weather the storm and move forward as best we can.

The good news is, WE HAVE!

Everyone loves a great comeback story. It’s perhaps the most exciting, gratifying and appreciated of all — whether you’re talking about sports or just in someone’s life. We’ve all been through so much, and it’s been hard, but nevertheless, we continue to push toward normalcy.

Now is the time for a comeback for ALL of us.

O&G is rebounding and many projects that have been put on hold, or delayed, are getting back on track. It seems like every other day, there is an article about new investment in new construction projects or expansions of existing facilities. The industry is coming back and momentum is building both domestically and internationally.

The same is true here at B&W. We’ve long been the industry leader in pre-commissioning, commissioning and engineering services for new plant construction and expansion. Throughout the last year, we have been working hard and executing services around the globe despite travel restrictions and many other new hurdles we’ve had to overcome. Our persistent efforts have been rewarded in North America, Middle East and Central Asia, where our teams continue to actively support projects of all sizes. This year, with the industry on the comeback trail, we’ve won key global projects which require a myriad of our services, including air blows, chemical cleaning, AquaLazing, steam blows, oil flushing and more. B&W’s future is bright!

Another area B&W has doubled down on is its industry-leading position in safety. For years, B&W has been at the forefront of safety for our industry. This is even more true now as we have developed and implemented enhanced safety protocols to protect our team and our customers’ workforce. Now more than ever, we are focused and dedicated to ensuring everyone gets home safe every day.

If you can’t tell, we are both excited and optimistic about the coming months of 2021 and what’s ahead in 2022. Both here in the U.S. and abroad, B&W is making moves and leading the pre-commissioning and commissioning industry for oil & gas refineries, LNG, petrochemical and power plants.

Be on the lookout for exciting updates and project news from our team.


  • Diane Elko

    September 2, 2021 at 1:28 am

    Great article–and the positivity is so very much needed!

    My best to this terrific team who deserves successful results!



  • Becky Khan

    September 2, 2021 at 8:47 pm

    Way to go! It’s been truly amazing to watch the BWES team preserver in these trying times. Not only do you all press forward, you continue to raise the bar! Honored to walk along side you.


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