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B&W Saves You Money in Many Ways – Part 2

B&W Saves You Money in Many Ways – Part 2

August 06, 2015 by Jason Brupbacher0

The list of ways B&W saves its customers money on their projects was just too long for one blog post. So, here’s the rest of the list:

5. Approach to piping – One way we do things the right way that saves money in the long run is installing temporary piping on job sites as if it’s going to be permanent. Of course, it’s not, but, by adhering to ASME codes as if they were means consistent performance and a much smaller chance of issues cropping up. We use ANSI flanges instead of temporary piping so that leaks are eliminated which means better safety and no cost overruns. Because we use permanent piping, it means we can use smaller diameter pipes and everything fits together because it’s designed to. This reduces fabrication time and the need for repetitive maintenance. It also means time and cost savings because we are able to mobilize and set up quicker. In an industry dominated by low quality temporary piping systems prone to leaks and failures, B&W’s approach provides better safety and project cost savings.

6. Innovative engineering – Our Engineering team is second to none in the industry. We are the only company with degreed engineers across the board. What this means is that when our team works in the planning of your project you are getting the best and the latest innovations in project engineering. This means the greatest efficiency, top notch performance and properly planned projects.

7. Custom designed equipment – Not only is our equipment custom designed for the services we execute on site for our customers, it is also exclusive to B&W. No one else has the level of equipment with the performance standards that we do. That means increased performance and efficiency which means costs savings.

8. Experience – There’s no way around it. B&W has seen and done it all, in just about every location in the world. That level of know-how and experience is irreplaceable and invaluable. We’ve worked on the biggest projects in history, so your project isn’t going to surprise us. Having a partner who has successfully executed the most complex projects around the world means keeping your project on track regardless of how unique or complex it may be.

9. People who can manage the project – It’s one thing to have competent boots on the ground at your project. It’s another level of performance when your pre-commissioning and commissioning provider puts people on your project who have the experience, knowledge and skill to actually manage the project if needed. Making the right calls and having the ability to ensure success can be the difference between project delays and finishing ahead of schedule.

10. World class services – Plain and simple, you can bring in B&W and know that all their services will exceed your expectations and be done right. Or, you can take the risk that the engineering, pre-commissioning and commissioning may or may not be done to spec. If it’s not, the time and money lost is too scary to even think about. B&W prevents delays and cost overruns, not to mention your stress.

We’re serious about performing at the highest level possible and saving our customers money. Get in touch with B&W today by filling out the form to the right and we’ll save you money too.

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