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B&W Stands Ready to Support the Most Extensive Projects Worldwide

B&W Stands Ready to Support the Most Extensive Projects Worldwide

August 21, 2017 by Dennis Miller0

In today’s market, there has been a phenomenal growth experience that has not been achieved for many years in the power and petrochemical industries. Many large and expensive projects are in the works across the globe. This has taxed the available labor force to its limits—It is the time for the best of the best EPC contractors to step up their game.

These new, large and complicated projects will come with many new challenges. The experienced EPC contractors must rise to the occasion, which will inevitably require thinking outside the box under these stressed conditions. Manpower will be a major concern for which little control can be assumed. Therefore, other avenues must be sought to help control project costs, while producing completion on time and on budget. This may require a more involved preplanning process than before, in order to overcome some of the other budget-impacting situations that may not be as controllable.

It is just a fact of life that these projects will at some point require additional contracts to successfully complete the mission. Don’t let the bidding process catch you off guard. Many contractors will often bid to three or more potential support companies, most of the time looking for the lowest bid. The lowest bid can sometimes turn into the highest bid and cause major project delays, which can exponentially drive project cost through the roof. Many companies have bid work that they are unprepared for, either by lack of experience or lack of enough equipment to support such large projects. The philosophy of “Let’s just get the work, then, we will look for experienced people and equipment,” has failed many, many more times than it has succeeded.

Going after the lowest bid can be a death sentence. Submitting the necessary paperwork to qualify to bid may not be enough. Ask for references, ask to see their equipment, ask if they have a training program and—most importantly—a documented safety program. These identifiers can signal a red flag, which may require more in-depth investigation. Let’s face it—you won’t have the time to babysit an inexperienced contractor. You must have the confidence that they are there to support your project 100% and to help lead the way. A group you can count on.

B&W Energy Services is that company. At a minimum, we will ask you to visit our facility, talk to our people and to see for yourself what a world-class organization looks like. You will see more pre-commissioning cleaning equipment staged in readiness and in superior working condition, with an extensive maintenance program that surpasses anyone else in the world. Our preplanning pre-engineering services for pre-commissioning cleaning programs are well documented to have saved extensive project costs and valuable schedule days.

B&W Energy Services stands ready to support your project no matter what. We have many times successfully stepped in to help a project get back on track when others have failed. Let’s face it, we are a support group. We know our competition and their capabilities, which is why we remain available. We are prepared to support you when you need us. Once you get to know us, you will want us to hang around.

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