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Steam Blow Services: Advancing Technology Through The Ages

Steam Blow Services: Advancing Technology Through The Ages

October 19, 2016 by Dennis Miller0

It has been well over a thousand years since humans first began harnessing the power of steam, and today much of this technology is taken for granted. The innovative engineering team at B&W Energy Services is changing that notion and re-inspiring the engineering world with modern advances on an old idea.

You can imagine the amazement on the faces of those who witnessed America’s first steamboat, Perseverance, as she sailed up the Delaware River in 1787. Here at B&W, we’re committed to continuing that legacy of engineering excellence, and perseverance is but one factor to success in the dynamic digital age.

In today’s world, all new thermal power plants, refineries, and expansion projects require the power of steam to clean a facility’s system prior to startup and operation. It wasn’t too long ago that the steam blow cleaning process was known to shatter windows and exceed 140dB (that’s louder than a flyby from a jet at 100 feet away). The task of channeling steam power has evolved a great deal since then, and B&W is proud to have played a pivotal role in making steam blows quieter, more efficient, and safer for personnel and the environment.

The degree of investment in modern plants and refineries is tremendous, and removing mill scale, weld slag and debris from critical systems is necessary to ensure the longevity of the facility and secure your investment. The B&W engineering team has a diverse background and experience working on complex steam blow projects in multiple energy sectors, and can perform several different types of steam blow methods depending on our clients’ needs. This versatility in experience and specially engineered equipment allows for the most efficient cleaning possible, anywhere in the world.

We’re constantly pushing the limits of possibility with new innovations in steam blow technology, and with the advent of our Dry Silencers that can vent 900 KPPH of steam while staying at or below 85dB (like hearing traffic from inside the car), we’re leading the industry in advanced steam blow solutions.

Whether conducting low-pressure, continuous steam blows that not only provide superior cleaning but also allow for surrounding work to continue, or AquaLazing over 1000 linear feet of pipe in a single pass, B&W Energy Services has Better People, Better Equipment, and Better Engineering than anyone in the history of the industry. We’d like for you to hear more about our services and how we came to be the premier provider of industrial cleaning solutions worldwide. Contact us today to find out how B&W is making engineering history, one steam blow at a time.

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