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Ensure Safety, Efficiency and Profitability with B&W’s Inspection Services

Ensure Safety, Efficiency and Profitability with B&W’s Inspection Services

December 05, 2019 by Chris Oakley0

B&W Energy Services is always looking for ways to increase the value it provides to its clients. This is why we now offer video inspection services as part of our Asset Management package. We designed our Asset Management program to give clients every opportunity to receive maximum life and value from their assets through inspections of their equipment and the systems that feed them. How the equipment is manufactured, installed and operated determines the effective life use of an asset. Inspections help our clients know that their assets will perform at or near peak capacity for the longest possible time period. Inspections can occur at many points in the progression of the asset’s life to lengthen its effective life.

The B&W team provides post-installation inspections to make sure that the asset which has arrived was not damaged during the installation. Also provided are system inspections for pre-commissioning cleaning which ensures there are no unforeseen complications in the cleaning process. Utilizing pre-commissioning inspections is another method of providing clients documented visual surety that systems are ready for operations, especially those areas of systems that lie outside the boundaries of inspection and testing packages.

How do you really know when your system is clean and ready for a startup? B&W’s borescope inspections provide immediate feedback on the effectiveness of cleaning activity in critical areas that oftentimes isn’t available. When a company chooses to execute our advanced inspections, they’re provided with comfort knowing the cleaning initiative is achieved or understanding that additional cleaning is required, so plans to move forward can be made.

Working proactively sets projects up for success in both the short- and long-term. By implementing B&W’s Asset Management program inspection services early on, project managers have time to make any changes necessary to confirm project schedules and budgets, laying the foundation for a successfully completed project.

Safety remains an essential part of what B&W promises customers and integrating inspection services takes this priority to the next level. We have the best people around, following the best engineering plans, using the best equipment. With inspection services, B&W provides transparent results, working with the customer’s best interest in mind. Whether it’s saving time on the construction schedule or the longevity of the plant life cycle, proper inspections are the key component of time maximization.

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