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B&W Expands Impact through The Clean Fuels Project

B&W Expands Impact through The Clean Fuels Project


As industry tactics and practices continue to extend beyond U.S. borders, B&W Energy Services looks to do the same by increasing its impactful, results-based international presence. As part of a global push, B&W continues its involvement in Kuwait-based joint venture between Japanese global engineering company, JGC, and Korean global contractors GS E&C and SK Engineering.

JGSK, a combination of the separate entities, is the general contractor that supports a larger Kuwait-based movement centered on refinery safety and efficiency — the KNPC Clean Fuels Project. The Clean Fuels Project is an effort made by the Kuwait National Petroleum Company to upgrade and modernize two refineries, Mina Abdullah and Mina Al-Ahmadi. B&W will to continue supporting the overall KNPC Clean Fuels Project (CFP) with multiple scopes across several “packages.” Our support of the FDH JV MAB2 (Mina Abdullah refinery) package and in addition, the JGSK MAA (Mina Al-Ahmadi refinery) package — the newest contract awarded. This expansion highlights B&W’s skills as an established and trusted pre-commissioning service provider in the area. 

The project’s completion will improve conditions for workers and streamlines overall refinery output. Eventually, the KNPC plans to build a grassroots third refinery. The Clean Fuels Project furthers KNPC’s mission to make a significant investment in its existing facilities, and to expand capacity for new projects in the future. 

“Kuwait’s industrial market is one of great expansion and promise,” said Joel Babin, COO of B&W Energy Services. “We know that partnering with JGSK and providing our services will open up opportunities to impact Kuwait’s industrial climate, and will help us continue as an industry leader in the projects and scope of other nations in the region.”

By serving as the Clean Fuels Project contractor, JGSK will supervise its completion on a narrow focus. As the most technically capable and trusted player in the project’s completion, B&W Energy Services provides pre-commissioning practices that ensures full execution of KNPC’s mission and outcome.

While B&W’s role in the Clean Fuels Project is to provide steam blowing, AquaLazing and oil flushing services, our company’s presence in Kuwait allows for continual international expansion on a more involved scale. This project highlights the importance of quality, safety and experience required on a project of this magnitude — features that B&W provides consistently for our clients across the globe.

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