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How B&W and kci Together Bring More

How B&W and kci Together Bring More

December 18, 2017 by Chris Oakley0

Earlier this year B&W Energy Services and klean corp international (kci) announced the formation of a strategic partnership.  In addition to sharing the same critical values and core competencies, this alliance offers both companies increased opportunities to enhance the services we provide to both current and potential clients.

If you are familiar with B&W, you know that we offer industry-leading engineering services and best-in-class industrial cleaning options for pre-commissioning and commissioning, which includes AquaLazing, steam blows, air blows, chemical cleaning and lube oil flushing — B&W is known globally as the choice for successful cleaning projects.

klean corp international may not be as familiar to you, so allow us to make an introduction.  Located in Victoria, Texas, kci focuses on creating their own proprietary blends for chemical cleaning that are environmentally friendly. This green chemical cleaning service has several advantages. kci’s blends can often be used without the need for an external heat source and don’t require expensive removal of waste water typically found with chemical cleaning. The result is a faster chemical cleaning solution that reduces third party costs. It’s a win-win all around.

How did this strategic partnership get started?

Several years ago, kci started working on a project in Nacogdoches, Texas and found there was a need to implement a high-pressure water cleaning method. In looking for a provider, B&W’s AquaLazing fit the bill, and our team was brought in to do the cleaning.  This successful working relationship fostered the idea that working together could pass along even better results for clients of both companies due to the complimentary range of products and services offered by B&W and kci.  The partnership has continued to grow from there, and kci relies on B&W for AquaLazing services whenever needed.

Depending on your project’s needs environmentally friendly chemical cleaning may be necessary. With B&W already on site executing engineering or other cleaning services, leveraging the kci green blends may be ideal to produce the optimal cleaning results. Get in touch with us today on your next project and how we can make your project successful.

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