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How Our Engineering Services Deliver For You

How Our Engineering Services Deliver For You

November 17, 2021 by B&W Energy Services0

Companies in the oil & gas, petrochemical, power and renewable energy sectors measure success in time and money.

Is the project on time? Is it on budget? The ability to affect these factors over the life cycle of a project is greatest in the beginning. Engineering research shows that investing in a project’s front-end planning can save companies significant time and millions of dollars across the project’s lifetime. For example, newly constructed plants cannot operate until after having their systems cleaned and tested. To maximize effectiveness, cleaning should be considered during the project design phase so that when construction is complete, these systems can be cleaned without delay, keeping you on schedule and on budget from the start.

A proactive approach

Companies that take a proactive approach to upcoming projects are finding B&W Energy Services to be a valuable partner in the planning phase. By engaging our world-class, industry-leading engineering team, led by Chief Technical Officer John Haldane, companies of all sizes – even global giants such as Shell – gain a competitive advantage. Our team has worked with leading construction firms to develop effective, measurable cleaning programs on some of the most complex projects ever executed.

At B&W, we provide “Better People, Better Equipment, and Better Engineering.” But, for us, this is more than just our tagline – it’s our business philosophy, vision, and commitment to you, our customer. Our comprehensive engineering packages integrate your standards, specifications and regulations alongside expert planning procedures. Thorough and effective, our engineering process ensures your project’s formulation begins with excellence so that it can launch with success and continue that momentum.

The early stages

Properly planned construction activities are crucial, particularly during the early stages, because this paves the way for pre-commissioning and commissioning services. Our engineering procedures provide important details construction activities required to support the pre-commissioning phase and move the project forward accurately and more quickly. Any necessary system design modifications will be identified well before construction starts. The earlier we can help the construction group know what’s coming and how to prepare for it, the greater our engineering team’s impact on the overall schedule.

Pre-commissioning and commissioning

Our team of skilled engineers has years of experience working with leading construction firms to develop effective, measurable cleaning programs on some of the largest and most complex projects ever executed. Our engineering packages include all the information and procedures required for safety, system preparation, equipment needs, resource requirements, piping design, acceptance parameters, hazard analysis and job execution.

The proper planning of pre-commissioning activities will create significant cost savings and reduce the schedule in the commissioning phase. This phase comprises the integrated application of a set of engineering techniques and procedures to check, inspect and test every operational component of the project. Because our project managers and technical field representatives possess an average of 25+ years of experience, our team is unparalleled in the industry. Our project managers and technical field representatives have the largest project experience in the industry.

Ongoing services

B&W Energy Services is committed to your project’s total success, providing engineering and onsite on-site engineering supervision during the start-up process and even into operations. For more information on how to help keep your project on time and budget from start to finish, visit:

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