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Leading The Way in Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Services

Leading The Way in Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Services

March 15, 2016 by Dennis Miller0

Out of the entire project engineering process, commissioning is one of the most complex, yet crucial, steps. Engineering, construction and pre-commissioning all prepare a project’s exchange from engineers to owners, which requires the utmost precision. With countless hours and energy invested in this process, how can owners rest assured that their project will launch successfully?

B&W’s expert commissioning process utilizes an extensive system of tests and assessments to ensure utmost quality in every facet of the project. Complex modules, systems and subsystems receive rigorous, integrated inspections that check and test every operational project component.

Though it’s a complex process, our team makes it easy to understand.

Each of our team’s degreed professionals boasts an average of 25 years’ experience, giving us the expert edge to meticulously evaluate every component of your project, ensuring its absolute safety and operability. We even staff our team on-site to provide support and supervision after the project has launched. At B&W, we take the guesswork out of engineering so your project launches without a hitch.

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