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Leveraging the Pre-Commissioning Service that Pays for Itself

Leveraging the Pre-Commissioning Service that Pays for Itself

August 09, 2018 by Joel Babin0

As the industry’s most trusted pre-engineering and pre-commissioning cleaning provider, we have seen that the pre-commissioning process can be the deciding factor that determines whether a new construction or expansion project launches successfully.

By the time you reach this stage in the project life cycle, the last thing EPCs want to deal with are surprise delays due to the inability to complete necessary cleaning. With more than 70 years of cumulative experience in performing a comprehensive range of pre-commissioning cleaning services, B&W approaches each project with custom solutions that optimize the cleaning process.  AquaLazing often comes up as a solution that will fast-track the cleaning process and more than pay for itself, and we consistently recommend our AquaLazing program because of the direct benefits and cost savings it passes on to our clients.

AquaLazing can be used as a primary method for cleaning, or in conjunction with other B&W pre-commissioning cleaning services, such as Steam Blowing and Air Blowing, to help reduce the overall cleaning time and associated costs. In many cases, AquaLazing can also be applied to piping systems typically requiring chemical cleaning to achieve the same cleanliness level, all at reduced costs and zero environmental impact.

Using AquaLazing as the first step in your pre-commissioning process may sound like an added expense, but when you add up the dollars saved by using this valuable cleaning service, you’ll find it pays for itself and then some. AquaLazing reduces the amount of time in your overall cleaning period, which saves you both human and fuel resources. We’ve worked with clients who’ve reduced their steam blow durations by as much as 75% and on a 2×1 combined-cycle power plant, that adds up to millions of dollars in fuel savings alone.

Not all AquaLazing, Hydrolazing, and Hydromilling service providers are the same. Informed choices will be the key to your project’s success. B&W can provide photos, videos and references, and we are happy to perform a demonstration. Get in touch today to learn about how AquaLazing can be the difference on your next project.


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