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Your Projects Success is simple, “ Better Engineering"

Your Projects Success is simple, “ Better Engineering"

March 23, 2016 by Dennis Miller0

B&W Energy Services’ extensive project pre-planning, and pre-engineering of the pre-commissioning services has for many years set the bar for this support service. Our involvement in many large-scale projects over the last few decades, and our ability to organize and preplan these events in advance has allowed our clients to appreciate the great value we bring to their project to help gain precious ground on the project schedule.

B&W Energy Services involvement in your project from start to finish provides knowledgeable results in safety, reliability, performance, and planning. As industry leaders with strategic locations across the globe, we specialize in five core components that demonstrate our capabilities on many different complex projects.


Research shows that investing in the front-end planning of projects can save companies millions of dollars across the project’s lifetime. That’s why, at B&W Energy Services, we rely on our many years of project planning engineering to help you develop a seamless transition from construction to pre-commissioning.


Precision construction is crucial in the early stages of every project because it paves the way for pre-commissioning and commissioning. B&W Energy Services excels in the construction phase because we understand and anticipate the intricate details of the upcoming pre-commissioning cleaning requirements, a proven true value service unique to our comprehensive project management services.


One of the most vital phases, pre-commissioning transitions the project from formulation and construction to startup, and even slight miscalculations can cost companies significant time and money. B&W Energy Services will help keep your project on schedule and within budget by providing these expert pre-commissioning services. We don’t miss a beat when it comes to executing every element of pre-commissioning with precision and excellence.


B&W Energy Services will ensure successful commissioning by providing thorough easy to understand procedures to help you get to the final product as it transitions to startup. Every component of the project undergoes an extensive assessment executed by our team of commissioning experts with over 25 years of experience.


Once handed over to your client, the project is finally complete and running smoothly. But because B&W Energy Services is committed to your project’s total success, we also offer supervision for the start-up process and daily operations. Whether for maintenance, support, scheduled turnarounds, supervision, or mechanical support, B&W Energy Services guarantees its work not only with measurable results, but also with on-site support for your team.

B&W Energy Services proves true to its promise that our exceptional project engineering comes through “Better people, Better Equipment and Better Engineering.” We pride ourselves on launching skillfully planned and expertly executed projects by delivering outstanding results from start to finish.

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