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Reducing Time and Increasing Effectiveness: MAB2 Project Update

Reducing Time and Increasing Effectiveness: MAB2 Project Update

April 18, 2019 by Chris Oakley0

Work continues to progress at the Mina Abdullah site in Kuwait. Our team joined the MAB2 project in 2017 as part of several packages to provide steam blowing, Aqualazing and oil flushing services. Our experience with MAB2 highlights the crucial nature of quality, safety and experience required in a project of this magnitude.

Several months into the project, the B&W team is proud to report that steam blows were executed quickly and effectively at MAB2. Our team is cleaning each system by achieving clean targets in less than half the time of conventional steam blow methods, which has proven to be highly efficient so far.

Why have we seen such a significant increase in effectiveness and reduction in time at MAB2? The answer is simple: before we initiated the steam blows, each system went through B&W’s Aqualazing process.

Even though B&W has seen immense success in pairing Aqualazing with other services as a means to reduce time and save resources in the past, as we have demonstrated at MAB2. This project stands out to us as a touchdown example of why executing Aqualazing prior to steam blowing trims time while saving valuable project resources, and presenting better results.

The universal impact of choosing Aqualazing for your pre-commissioning service is two-fold: Newly built power and petrochemical plants are left with a clean, hazard-free and performance-ready system while simultaneously reaping the benefits of sustainable and cost-effective processes for years to come. The rewards of Aqualazing implementation extends far beyond the initial resultswe’ve seen this in MAB2 already.

The high-output productivity levels distinguish Aqualazing as a method that not only reduces time and cost associated with your site’s pre-commissioning but also provides real environmental impact. Aqualazing succeeds pre-existing methods as an agent of change in the industry’s burgeoning shift toward environmental awareness. Sites in the Middle East, like MAB2, are taking their place among the industry’s pioneers.

MAB2 is just one of many instances in which B&W Energy Services streamlines resources and trims necessary project time, all to achieve better results. To learn more about B&W’s service capabilities or past projects, or to speak to a member of our team, contact us here.

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