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Veteran’s Snapshot: Marcus Liles

Veteran’s Snapshot: Marcus Liles

February 04, 2016 by John Greer0

To Project Manager Marcus Liles, B&W feels like family and has provided him with many opportunities to use his skills and experience. Liles came to B&W four years ago after serving as a logistics specialist in the army. Upon hearing about B&W from a close friend, Liles explained that he found many people who were likeminded with similar backgrounds to himself dedicated to a mission he wanted to be a part of.

After moving around so often with the military, Liles found the traveling aspect of his job at B&W very appealing. “I felt comfortable with traveling and being in different atmospheres, so B&W felt like a perfect match,” explained Liles. Throughout his experience in the military, Liles quickly learned how to adjust to different places, cultures and customs, and enjoyed the challenge of learning to adapt and communicate. “It’s the same sort of thing at B&W,” Liles said. “It mentally prepared me to do that at B&W since our company gets contracts all over the world.” In the last year, Liles shared that he has visited job sites in multiple locations, such as Brazil, the Netherlands and even Saudi Arabia.

For Liles the transition into working full time for B&W was much easier than he anticipated due to the valuable training B&W provided and the people and resources he was connected with through the company. “It made the transition from that military type lifestyle to doing what I do now a whole lot easier because I had other people to talk to, relate with and bounce ideas off of,” Liles said.

When talking to other veterans about his job, Liles definitely recommends B&W. “I believe people transitioning from the military have a lot of qualities that B&W is looking for in new employees,” Liles exclaimed. B&W attracts people with similar personalities, values and morals, many of which are very similar to Liles’ veteran friends.

Not only do veterans fit in with B&W culture and values, Liles argues that veterans will likely enjoy the work as well. “I think that a lot of veterans would actually enjoy doing what we do. You get to travel, see the world and learn new things. Each project is different; it’s definitely fulfilling,” explained Liles. Consider applying to B&W today to find an exciting and challenging job with likeminded people committed to a vision worth getting behind.

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