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Turnkey Support is Crucial to Future Success

Turnkey Support is Crucial to Future Success

April 11, 2016 by Joel Babin0

Over the last quarter of a century, the US energy sector has focused on optimizing front-end loading (FEL), using electronic process design and scheduling tools, applying lessons learned and implementing other best practices, hoping to improve performance in the industry. Yet, construction project performance has not visibly improved. At the same time, the petrochemical and refining industry has been making its way to the spotlight, bringing with it more complex and difficult projects to execute. As these industries evolve and become increasingly complicated, projects are faced with risks surrounding owner-contractor interface integration, price volatility and loss of project experience as owner & contractor personnel—from skilled crafts to engineers and plant operators—are retiring or transferring to other industries.

This leaves us with one conclusion—if changes are not made, these industries are in trouble. Companies should be thinking about implementing activities that reduce cost and schedule uncertainty, but require less financial commitment. How can they do that? Our answer: Start working with a turnkey service provider, like B&W Energy Services, for pre-commissioning and commissioning needs.

Rather than placing the burden of outsourcing on our customers, which can become confusing as to who is responsible for various project tasks, B&W takes care of it all. There is one line of communication—the customer and B&W. This is essential when thinking about the large-scale projects in our industry.

One example of this would be mechanical support—in most cases pre-commissioning providers show up on site with supervisors, and the construction contractor does the actual wrench turning and installation, and removal of temporary equipment. However, there have been cases where site mechanical resources are stretched too then or even non-existent. B&W has the ability to provide mechanical support when needed so that the customer doesn’t have to arrange it.

In addition to mechanical support, B&W performs all pre-commissioning services in-house. Many cleaning companies only provide 1 or 2 services and rely on subcontractors to fulfill multiple service contracts. B&W does it all, and does it well. This allows better integration and control of services, while providing a single point of contact to our customer. B&W also manages the numerous third-party vendors required to support pre-commissioning cleaning such as waste containment and disposal, mobile steam supply, demin water, and others.

Losing experience on the job site is a concern as employees move closer to retirement, and inexperience in managing big projects is among the most common pitfalls in capital projects. While most companies in our industry utilize contractor personnel to staff projects, B&W does the opposite. Our team of employees includes over 100 of the most skilled and experienced professionals in the engineering, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning fields. Our engineers, project managers and supervisors have designed and executed hundreds of projects around the world, and in some of the most challenging environments. This level of experience is paramount to a project’s success during this critical phase of the project.

The industry is changing—projects are becoming larger and more complex, and pre-commissioning and commissioning services must evolve with it. That is why hiring an experienced turnkey service provider is essential. With B&W, we save you time, money, and headaches by supporting your project and managing all of the components that are required for executing a successful pre-commissioning and commissioning program.

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