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AquaLazing: A Better, Safer Cleaning Method

AquaLazing: A Better, Safer Cleaning Method

December 19, 2016 by Chris Oakley0

All industrial cleaning is not created equal. Neither are cleaning companies. Before you move forward with the pre-commissioning of your plant, we invite you to check our record and references.

We offer many project snapshots on our website for your review. Our experience in completing many large-scale projects gives us a major advantage over our competitors. We also offer our completed and ongoing projects list with contacts so that you can make informed decisions critical to your project success. The knowledge gained from working on the world’s most complex, large-scale projects is the difference between a company that has what it takes to do the job right and those that figure it out as they go.

We were recently brought onto a project where the client had been misinformed by another company about what it would take to get their system clean and ready for commissioning and startup. “We’ve sandblasted the pipe and therefore it’s clean,” they thought. This was a false assumption. When you sandblast a pipe, the media you use to do the blasting is actually still embedded in the pipe and that will still have to come out during a steam blow. What the client thought they had gained by sandblasting could actually have been more effectively cleaned to the surface with water, allowing for the verification of cleanliness upon a steam blow or air blow within 12 to 24 hours.

Our innovations in high-pressure water cleaning have led to the development of the industry’s most versatile cleaning service: AquaLazing. B&W Energy Services is constantly developing newer and better nozzles to adjust to any piping system no matter how large or small. B&W offers the only detailed AquaLazing engineering plans inclusive of marked drawings, a construction activities punch list, and a detailed description of each cleaning path. Our advanced technology and precise planning enables us to negotiate multiple 90-degree bends and distances up to 1500 linear feet and 100 vertical feet. For pre-commissioning and maintenance services, our nozzles are designed for various applications and have proven extremely effective on large bore piping up to 48 inches and larger. AquaLazing is a swift and efficient technology that performs a better, safer cleaning for our clients.

Our AquaLaze services are engineered the same way we would engineer a steam blow, an oil flush, or a chemical clean, which allows us to avoid getting hung up in valves or the hoses getting stuck in pipes. Additionally, our engineering gives us the ability to track and maintain a course of our work, demonstrating to the client exactly what our cleaning has accomplished. AquaLazing is conducted onsite and removes large construction debris and the same mill scale offered by bead blasting, only in a more efficient manner that measurably reduces steam blow durations.

Our engineering and equipment demonstrate unparalleled competency and innovation and our project results prove it. No matter what your pre-commissioning cleaning needs, B&W has Better People, Better Equipment, & Better Engineering than anyone in the industry. With our global presence, we are ready to be on your site anywhere in the world—ready to demonstrate our unmatched professionalism and the experience that has made us the industry leader in pre-commissioning and commissioning services. Give us a call or fill out the form below to get us started on your project today.

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