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B&W Energy Services Celebrates 20th Anniversary, Sets Strategic Goals for 2020

B&W Energy Services Celebrates 20th Anniversary, Sets Strategic Goals for 2020

January 02, 2020 by Chris Oakley1

Entering into a new year brings about a time of fresh starts, prioritizing and focusing on tasks leading people to reach certain goals. And, in the unique case of the year 2020, the celebration of a new decade has especially fueled people to think carefully about what they want to accomplish in the coming years. At B&W Energy Services, we’re thrilled to celebrate our 20th Anniversary in the year 2020 and are taking time to reflect on the past and strategically plan for success in the future.

As we conquer the year to come, executives at B&W have outlined a few important goals we plan on both reaching and surpassing this year. On the geographical front, we experienced tremendous growth globally in 2019 and aim to continue that expansion in 2020. B&W has expanded its operations to the Eurasia region as well as expanding its Middle East operations. Additionally, B&W has diversified its services offerings to include supply chain management and commissioning services.

Our reach in the Mideast will continue with the establishment of sponsorships in Oman, UAE and Egypt, as well as the establishment of a regional headquarters in Bahrain. With this, our goal is to institute regional teams that mirror our North American operations, which will transition into a Global Management Team. 

We will continue to grow and advance our engineering department as we address the changing priorities of the industrial world by using our lessons learned, research and development to advance new methods and techniques that continue to maximize efficiency and lower costs.

One of the greatest challenges in meeting and succeeding new difficulties posed by our clients’ changing priorities is to do so with modern world personnel. B&W has always trained, developed and mentored from within, and as our operations expand geographically, the need to do this locally in each region is imperative. B&W will not only establish these training programs but also advance them through the use of web-based and artificial intelligence programs that bring real-world interactive field training into the classroom.

2020 is predicted to be a year full of celebration, diligence and expansion, and we’re grateful to all our staff and partners for your continued support. To get in touch with us, reach out at 281-336-9903.

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  • Becky Khan

    January 23, 2020 at 7:49 pm

    Happy Anniversary BWES! Excited to see where this new year leads you guys. Highpoint is honored to be a small part of your big story!


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