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B&W Saves the Day

B&W Saves the Day

October 11, 2016 by B&W Energy Services0

Sometimes things can go wrong. Whether it’s an unexpected system contamination during plant operation or inadequate cleaning by another contractor, site owners occasionally need immediate help—and they need the best. That’s why they call B&W.

We have been on site at projects all over the world. Providing a comprehensive set of services from engineering to pre-commissioning and commissioning to operations maintenance means we’ve seen and done it all. Our competitive advantage of having highly trained, experienced personnel and the largest inventory of specialty equipment ready to mobilize make us the sought after choice when an emergency arises.

Whatever the circumstances, when we get a call from a company needing immediate assistance our team jumps into action.

Last year we received an emergency call from a refinery in Europe who had experienced an unexpected plant shutdown. This was a result of widespread system contamination in the high pressure and low pressure steam systems due to an operational error. The shutdown was causing millions of dollars in lost revenue per day, so every hour counted when working toward getting the systems repaired, cleaned and back in operation. Specialists were flown in from all over the world to address every aspect of the re-start effort, and B&W was on the list.

Within a matter of weeks, our engineering team had designed a cleaning program to ensure removal of all contaminants affecting the large steam network. This was necessary for a trouble-free restart of the plant. Once the cleaning program was reviewed and finalized, B&W mobilized multiple crews and sets of equipment to perform around-the-clock cleaning utilizing both Aqualazing and steam blow services. A high degree of cleaning was achieved in a very short amount of time, which contributed to the rapid plant restart.

More recently, this summer our team received a call from a project in the U.S. which had initiated pre-commissioning cleaning of various systems on a new construction project. They had quickly found out that the vendor they had brought in was not capable of effectively providing the needed services. Even worse, they had left debris in the system that could cause major setbacks and possibly damage during start-up if they continued in their current manner.

Looking to make a change quickly and get their project back on track, the plant Owner called B&W Energy Services. Our team mobilized and was on site within a few days. We then set about executing Aqualazing cleaning services at a world-class level. The outcome was the owner’s project schedule was maintained with very little impact from switching contractors and the systems were cleaned effectively and efficiently. B&W is now performing other services for the project in support of plant startup.

No matter the situation or circumstances, when plants need the very best engineering and cleaning services for their projects, B&W is who they call. What’s going on with your project? If you run into a roadblock, give us a call. Chances are you’ll be very glad you did.

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