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B&W Works Alongside MasTec on Ciner’s CHP Project

B&W Works Alongside MasTec on Ciner’s CHP Project

January 07, 2020 by B&W Energy Services1

B&W Energy Services is proud to work alongside MasTec Power on Ciner’s CHP Project located in Green River, Wyoming. When executing Oil Flushing services on a project of this sort, our team uses specifically designed equipment to perform high-velocity turbulent flushing and filtration of lube oil and control oil systems. In the case of the Ciner CHP Project, this methodology is executed on the project’s steam combustion turbine system.

When conducting these services, our team evaluates the entire system to be flushed clean by utilizing all design inputs such as process and instrumentation diagrams, erection isometrics, vendor drawings and data sheets, metallurgy and target contamination. All specifications and guidelines deemed by clients, owners and vendors are reviewed and incorporated into the engineered procedure. Incompressible fluid modeling is then performed to ensure design flow rates and velocities are achieved during the fluid circulation, which also ensures proper temporary equipment sizing and ratings.

While this is our first venture working with MasTec Power, our team is no stranger to successfully executing Oil Flushing on a wide range of projects. It was our extensive and strong resume in Combined Heat and Power Projects that landed this job for B&W. We view this opportunity to work on the Ciner CHP Project mutually beneficial, providing the power plant with advanced cleaning systems and continuing to establish the reputation of B&W as an industry leader.

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  • mark trumble

    August 2, 2021 at 2:11 pm

    Do you perform Vacuum dehydration purification of Turbine oils as a process and service?


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