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B&W’s Noteworthy Events in 2019

B&W’s Noteworthy Events in 2019

December 01, 2019 by Chris Oakley0

As we prepare to enter into a new year, we’re taking the time to reflect on the noteworthy events and accomplishments 2019 held. From remarkable global expansion to leadership development, we have a lot to be proud of. Take a look at a few significant events of the year!

Continuing Global Expansion
In 2019, we experienced immense growth in the Mideast region. In coordination with our sponsors, we’re thrilled to continue participation in multiple mega projects in Kuwait as well as Saudi Arabia. Over the past several years, B&W has taken a focused approach to the region by establishing sponsorships and adapting to local content in the region. Additionally, B&W established a representative office in Bahrain which exists as a fully operational branch of B&W Energy Services. Learn more about our broadening presence in the Middle East here.

Sasol Lake Charles Mega Project
We were honored to receive a commemorative coin following the completion of an expansive cleaning scope on the Sasol Lake Charles Ethylene Expansion. The project was one of the largest and most complex to reach Louisiana in years, and B&W was chosen to support the project through steam blowing, Aqualazing and chemical cleaning. The awarded coin recognized the collective success the B&W team achieved on the mega project. Click to read more about this accomplishment for B&W.

Kazakhstan Venture
As a part of our international growth, B&W was awarded a contract to provide engineering and design services for a major project in Kazakhstan. B&W Kazakhstan LLP is the continuation of our strategy to establish a global presence locally through training, employing and developing local residents into B&W’s operations. B&W is well-positioned to provide management, commissioning and supply chain support to this mega project through various phases over the course of several years. We’re excited to have launched this new venture in Kazakhstan and will continue updating throughout 2020!

Meet Greg Rascoe
Since the beginning, our strength is rooted in our focus on employees and the value of service we provide. This year we welcomed Greg Rascoe as our Director of Business Development. With a day-to-day focus on growth both regionally and worldwide, Greg is continually raising standards and setting new goals for the industry. B&W is dedicated to building our team up with incredibly skilled personnel, setting us apart from others in our industry. Take the time to meet one of our “Better People,” Greg Rascoe.

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