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Our Goal: Build the Safest Equipment Possible

Our Goal: Build the Safest Equipment Possible

April 03, 2017 by Dennis Miller0

B&W strives for safety on all fronts. Previously, we explained the importance of proper training and ensuring our people are equipped to work in the safest manner possible. Having great workers only goes so far unless you ensure their success by providing excellent equipment to work with. This is why B&W takes special care to supply every job site with top-notch tools and equipment. How do you do that you ask? Let us explain…

Equipment is only as good as its upkeep. Other service companies may have well designed equipment, but our experience is that many of them do not maintain it as frequently or rigorously as necessary. It would be like owning a car that’s long overdue for an oil change and has old worn tires  – the result is an unreliable and unsafe car. The same is true with equipment. B&W adheres to a strict equipment maintenance program that is tied to our Quality Management System and ISO 9001:2015 certification, to ensure our equipment operates optimally on projects. Without rigorous maintenance and care for equipment, the project schedule, and more importantly safety, are put at great risk. We’re dedicated to keeping up with maintenance on our equipment because putting our employees or the project itself at risk is not an option.

Maintenance is only one aspect of ensuring safety as it relates to equipment. One of the other important ways to make certain equipment is reliable and safe, is to utilize the best materials available and best design practices when building new equipment. This includes using the best quality hoses available on the market for oil flushing and chemical cleaning services, to designing and building all temporary piping to proper ASME code. When preparing equipment and fittings for shipment to a project, our trained warehouse team cleans and tests all hoses, and wraps the ends before getting loaded on a truck. Also, all B&W’s skid mounted equipment is designed in house by our skilled engineering team for our specialized services, instead of using off the shelf parts and expecting them to fit. It doesn’t stop there, as equipment improvements are continually implemented using suggestions from our field staff as part of our continuous improvement process.

High-quality materials and equipment have more upfront costs—which is a reason why B&W is not always be the lowest initial price option. However over the life of a project, the cost is less once the schedule and performance gains are realized, while also maintaining a high standard of safety. The cost of even one day of delay for many projects can be in the millions of dollars, which can be caused by shoddy equipment. That’s why we always urge new clients to visit our facility to see our equipment and processes first hand.

At B&W, we have used our direct experience and knowledge to create the most efficient and safest equipment possible. It’s our responsibility to make sure every effort is taken to achieve the highest level of safety and success—making B&W the best people, and equipment, for your job. Why risk the success of your project with a company who doesn’t take care of their equipment?

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