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Managing A State-Of-The-Art Warehouse

Managing A State-Of-The-Art Warehouse

June 26, 2017 by Omar Mandujano0

Excellence doesn’t just happen overnight – you have to work at it. Yet, when it comes to the equipment we use daily, this simple truth is often forgotten. Striving for quality performance begins far before equipment ever makes its appearance on the job site. It begins in the warehouse. Let us explain.

Without taking care to ensure safety standards are being met, heavy machinery and equipment is dangerous—there’s just no way around it. If you do not respect the risk involved with using these tools, you are leaving safety and success to chance. The risks involved with each tool is highly dependent on its quality. This means that overlooking the quality of any piece of equipment increases project risk, which could lead to an accident, or cost your project more money and more schedule days than anticipated.

Quality and Safety don’t just happen; both require investment and effort. That’s why we have taken steps to maintain our warehouse and equipment to the highest standards in the industry. We do this by ensuring our equipment receives regular maintenance as well as storing it in top-notch conditions. This includes testing and thorough inspection of all equipment before shipping to a jobsite, and also upon receiving back from a job site. Any needed repairs are performed immediately. The equipment is even repainted if needed. This stringent maintenance is done in accordance with B&W’s Quality Management System and ISO 9001 certification. Many service companies may have name brand equipment, but do not maintain the equipment as frequently as necessary or store it properly. This will result in equipment that fails on the job causing costly schedule delays, or worse, a safety incident.

On top of maintaining equipment, if excellence is to be achieved the area the equipment is stored must be held to high standards. All B&W pumps, flush skids, hoses, and other critical equipment and fittings are neatly stored in a dry, clean warehouse away from the elements. Sturdy wall racks and baskets keep sensitive flush hoses and fittings organized and safe from damage. In addition, B&W has invested time and money into our warehouse and expanded our shop space so that our employees and equipment are both kept safe and secure. We recently expanded the warehouse by building a mezzanine level to allow more room to safely work and organize tools and fittings. Our commitment to continual improvement does not just stop there– we are in the process of expanding our outdoor equipment yard by 100% so that equipment can be more safely staged, loaded and unloaded off of our trucks.

Without rigorous quality management, the standard of work can slip because machinery cannot operate properly, or safely—this is unacceptable. B&W is dedicated to ensuring safety in its yard, which results in safety in the field—we are dedicated to pursuing excellence. We never want to expose our people, our clients, or the project itself to unnecessary hazards.

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