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Maximizing Project Success

Maximizing Project Success

January 23, 2017 by Joel Babin0

When you’re executing a large new construction or expansion project it is always a challenge. Throughout the life of your project you look for ways to improve, get your facility through start-up and in operation as soon as possible. After commissioning is over and the plant is up and running, project reviews can be instrumental in identifying areas for improvement. Finding out a better provider for commissioning will definitely help you next time. But, only in that one phase.

It only makes sense that the later in the project you get, the less effect changes have on the successful completion of the project. Similar logic and a large body of industry research shows making smart decisions early in the life of a project can have an enormous impact on the cost and success of your project.

The origin of any project is in the planning of it. In our industry, this means engineering projects in order to plan and execute from construction through start up. This is where improving your projects should start. Making process wide changes can revolutionize the success of your project. It starts with engineering and design of systems for the plant, which then carries over into construction and pre-commissioning. This will result in more efficient execution and effective commissioning and start-up.

B&W Energy Services offers comprehensive engineering services for projects in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Renewable sectors. Our extensive experience and proven track record on projects across all energy sectors has garnered B&W the reputation as an industry leader worldwide. We can help you maximize project success from the start.

Companies who take a proactive approach to upcoming projects are finding B&W to be a valuable partner in the planning phase. By engaging our world-class, industry leading engineering team led by Chief Technical Officer John Haldane, global giants such as Shell and others gain a competitive advantage. Our team has worked with leading construction firms to develop effective, measurable cleaning programs on some of the largest and most complex projects ever executed.

The ability to effect cost over the life of a project is greatest in the beginning. Ensuring that the planning and engineering is completed correctly can save millions of dollars. By taking an approach that encompasses the entire process, you can maximize the cost savings and benefit of engaging B&W Energy Services.

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