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Our People are Better Trained So Your Project Succeeds

Our People are Better Trained So Your Project Succeeds

February 20, 2017 by Edward Dill0

One of the things we’re constantly doing at B&W Energy Services is training our people. Our clients know that when we arrive on site our guys have been trained to perform a specific function on a particular system—they haven’t been working for another contractor providing another service at another location. That’s where other cleaning companies run into trouble.

Our engineer and field tech team has an average 25+ years of experience—no one knows more about pre-commissioning cleaning than B&W. All too often we see contractors show up with contract personnel who weren’t working with them the week before and are now attempting to perform tasks that require years of training and expertise. If you’re looking for a reason to hire the most experienced company in the industry, look no further than B&W’s focus on training and mentoring.

Take our AquaLazing service for example. Our training program incorporates the procedures and practices from the man who developed this high pressure water cleaning technology, who personally trained B&W’s AquaLaze Division Manager, Greg Rascoe. This separates B&W from other providers who simply acquire equipment and start offering these services. This level of knowledge and training is not common in the industry, and we use that as a cornerstone to train all of our technicians. We also utilize hands on training with the pump and rotating hose manufacturers so that our team is competent from stem to stern with the AquaLaze system. We’re not going in and tiger striping pipe or getting caught up in hoses. We’re the professionals you call when you’re unwilling to sacrifice time, money, or performance.

All our services are made better by our emphasis on consistent training, including safety training that has made B&W the only ISO 9001:2015 certified cleaning company in the industry. We arrive on site prepared to perform a better cleaning, safer and faster—providing cost savings for our clients. This is why we’re the EPC contractors’ and plant owners’ first choice for pre-commissioning services, and why B&W remains the worldwide leader in industrial cleaning. No matter the size or location of your project, B&W Energy Services is the best trained, best equipped, and best prepared to ensure your facility is ready for start-up and optimized for success. Give us a call, your project deserves it.

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