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Pre-Commissioning 101 With B&W Energy Services

Pre-Commissioning 101 With B&W Energy Services


Crude oil is far more than just gasoline. As refinery employees know, crude oil is a vital starting point for many components in objects found in our day-to-day lives—from plastic in our cell phones to natural gas used to heat our water, crude oil is vital to maintaining our “status quo.” 

As the oil and gas industry continues to grow, there is an increasing demand for the delivery of high-quality and safe products to the market. To meet this demand, oil and gas companies are increasing output by expanding existing production facilities or building new ones. It is necessary to ensure that all newly constructed systems on these projects are cleaned and tested properly before start up. This is where pre-commissioning comes into play. 

What is Pre-Commissioning?

Pre-commissioning refers to the process of testing, cleaning and verifying the functionality of equipment and systems prior to their operation at your plant. B&W’s pre-commissioning activities involve a variety of functions, primarily pre-commissioning cleaning services at your facility. 

Why Is Pre-Commissioning Important?


One of the primary reasons pre-commissioning is important is because it ensures the safety of personnel, equipment and the environment. Plant pre-commissioning confirms that all equipment and systems are clean, functioning properly and safe to operate. It is essential to identify and correct any issues caused by non-functioning or contaminated equipment prior to the start up of the facility, as this can prevent accidents, equipment failures and downtime. 



By conducting effective cleaning prior to start up, you can prevent costly downtime and repeat activities during commissioning. It’s much more cost-effective to clean equipment once, the right way, than having to repeat the process further down the line. An unplanned shutdown to perform cleaning can cost millions in lost operating revenue.


Efficiency and Reliability

Effective pre-commissioning can also improve the efficiency of your facility. Project pre-commissioning ensures that your facility is operating at its optimum level, verifying that all systems are clean, functioning properly and can operate continuously without interruptions. Systems that are cleaned effectively from the get-go will require less maintenance in the future.


Why Should You Choose B&W Energy Services for Pre-Commissioning Services? 

B&W’s pre-commissioning services provide cleaning of equipment and systems prior to their operation. Our team is comprised of plant pre-commissioning experts with an average of 25+ years of experience, and they’re equipped with the knowledge and expertise to identify and correct any issues on-site. We also provide customized solutions based on the specific needs of your facility. This ensures that all equipment and systems meet the unique requirements of your facility.

Pre-commissioning is a critical step in the commissioning process for oil and gas refineries. It ensures the safety of personnel, equipment and the environment while reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing reliability. B&W is here to provide your project with pre-commissioning services you can’t find anywhere else. Contact us to maximize your plant’s capabilities today.

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